Price-to-earnings (P/E) Ratio alerts

The price-to-earnings ratio, commonly known as the P/E ratio, is a financial metric used to evaluate the valuation of a company's stock. It is calculated by dividing the current market price of a stock by the company's earnings per share (EPS) over a specific period of time, usually the past 12 months. The P/E ratio is often used by investors to determine the relative value of a stock and to make investment decisions.

The P/E ratio can be a useful tool for comparing the valuation of different stocks, but it is important to consider other factors as well. For example, a company with a high P/E ratio may be experiencing rapid growth and be expected to continue to do so in the future, while a company with a low P/E ratio may be facing declining revenues or have less favorable future growth prospects.

Upper Limit P/E Ratio Target alerts are triggered when a stock's p/e ratio rises above a predetermined maximum value.

Lower Limit P/E Ratio Target alerts are triggered when a stock's p/e ratio falls below a predetermined maximum value.

Percent Change From Current alerts are triggered when a stock's p/e ratio changes by a certain percentage from the p/e ratio at the time the alert was set.

P/E Ratio Change From Current alerts are triggered when a stock's p/e ratio changes by a certain amount from the p/e ratio at the time the alert was set.

With Stock Alarm you can set P/E ratio alerts on stocks, etfs, crypto, indices, commodities, and more. When your alert triggers you will receive a notification via push notification, email, phone call, or text message.

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What our users think

Well Done!

Does everything I need it to do! I was looking for a closing price notification which this app does perfectly. I ended up setting several other alerts beside closing price, which especially helps with momentum trading.

William Holland
Android App User

Great Service

UI is clean and easy to use. Market data is accurate and up to date. It takes a little stress out of my day when I know I don't have to constantly check pricing. 5/5! Thanks guys!

Chase Clark
iOS App User

This saved my marriage!

Yours is a simple and yet powerful app. I wish more developers would choose this path of less animation and fireworks and more straight to the point nuts and bolts features. Fantastic job!!

Amir Al
iOS App User

Great work!

This app deserves more attention! Simple and working very fine.

YoungSoo Jung
Android App User

Thee. Greatest. Discovery.

This app is super useful and it has helped me soooo much already. it is user friendly, convenient, and I am so glad I found this app. If you trade, this app is a must have!!!

iOS App User

Killer App

As a majority of my investments are crazy speculative like beyond meat, I desperately needed to be alerted to large swings.

iOS App User

Amazing For Important Price Action Updates

Would highly recommend using this app if you work but need real-time updates on price action. Getting a phone call when critical price points are hit has saved me sooo much money on my trades.

iOS App User


Awesome app that helps keep track of stocks you’re watching. I especially like it because I don’t want to be on phone checking crypto and stock prices all the time but there are some price changes I would want to know about ASAP and Stock Alarm facilitates that!

The Good Emperor
iOS App User

Devs that care - love it

Requested a new trigger type and they added it within the month. Got a call at 5am for a bitcoin alert and sold instantly, this app is worth it!

Joshua kushner 222
iOS App User


This app is absolutely amazing. Whether you trade crypto, day trade, or hold a long position; this app is useful for everything! Before getting this app I was constantly checking in on my positions and how the market was doing.

iOS App User

AMAZING App. Love these alerts!

As someone who trades to supplement a 9 to 5, this app allows me to be as in touch with the markets as the professionals. Easy to set up and use.

iOS App User

Stock alert working great

Set my first stock alert 30 days ago and wasn’t sure it was ever going to reach that level again but it did and each time it went above my set level I would get a notification. This allowed me to get in where I wanted and reallocate. Now I’m setting up more. It’s loud enough to be heard and gets the job done.

iOS App User

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