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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

To get started, download our IOS app, register your phone number (for call notifications), and then set a stock alarm based on whatever conditions your heart desires.

What triggers are supported?

Price Targets: Upper Limits, Lower Limits

Price Change: 1-Day Nominal Change, 1-Day Percent Change, Price Change from Current Price, Percent Change from Current Price

Simple Moving Averages: 5-Day SMA, 30-Day SMA, 50-Day SMA, 100-Day SMA, 200-Day SMA

Exponential Moving Averages: 5-Day EMA, 30-Day EMA, 50-Day EMA, 100-Day EMA, 200-Day EMA

Moving Average Convergence/Divergence: MACD Limit, MACD Signal Limit, MACD Histogram Limit, Bullish Crossover, Bearish Crossover

Relative Strength Index: RSI Limit, RSI Overbought, RSI Oversold

Gold Cross & Death Cross Pattern Alerts

Sentiment based: Strong Positive Sentiment, Strong Negative Sentiment, Weak Positive Sentiment, Weak Negative Sentiment.

Volume based: Volume limit alerts, volume percent deviation from average, volume percent change, volume spikes, and volume dips.

Please submit any other triggers of interest to

How often are the triggers checked?

Every minute on the dot

How many securities are supported?

Over 10,000 stock tickers supported and continually adding more !

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