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How do I get started?

To get started, download our iOS or Android app, register your phone number (for call notifications), and then set a stock alarm based on whatever conditions your heart desires.

Are the stock and crypto prices real time?

Yes, all stock and crypto prices are real time during regular trading hours. NASDAQ stocks will have delayed quotes only during extended hours trading.

What triggers are supported?

Price Targets: Upper Limits, Lower Limits

Price Change: 1-Day Nominal Change, 1-Day Percent Change, Price Change from Current Price, Percent Change from Current Price

Simple Moving Averages: 5-Day SMA, 30-Day SMA, 50-Day SMA, 100-Day SMA, 200-Day SMA

Exponential Moving Averages: 5-Day EMA, 30-Day EMA, 50-Day EMA, 100-Day EMA, 200-Day EMA

Moving Average Convergence/Divergence: MACD Limit, MACD Signal Limit, MACD Histogram Limit, Bullish Crossover, Bearish Crossover

Relative Strength Index: RSI Limit, RSI Overbought, RSI Oversold

Gold Cross & Death Cross Pattern Alerts

Upcoming Earnings Alerts: Target Upcoming Earnings Alert, Upcoming Earnings Tomorrow Alert, Upcoming Earnings 3 Days Alert, Upcoming Earnings 1 Week Alert, Upcoming Earnings 1 Month Alert

52 Week Extremes Alerts: New 52 Week High, New 52 Week Low, Percent Change From 52 Week High, Percent Change From 52 Week Low

Volume based: Volume limit alerts, volume percent deviation from average, volume percent change, volume spikes, and volume dips.

Please submit any other triggers of interest to

How often are the triggers checked?

Every minute on the dot

How many securities are supported?

Over 10,000 stock tickers supported and continually adding more !

Why do I need to give my phone number to sign up?

StockAlarm needs your phone number in order for us to text and/or call you when an alert is triggered. We are currently working on a solution for you to use our service without providing a phone number, in case you are only interested in push notifications and/or email.

Is there an Android app?

Yes! You can find it in the Play Store

Why are the extended hours prices 15 minutes delayed?

There is a 15 minute delay due to the limitations of our data source. This only applies to NASDAQ stocks, all other stocks are real time during extended hours trading.

What is the pricing of StockAlarm?

We have a free tier for basic usage. For the limits and other tiers please take a look at our pricing at

Why can’t I see any non-US exchange?

We have deals with the exchanges to directly use their data. Including any extra exchanges is something we’re considering but do not have actively planned for the coming period. If you’re missing an exchange please let us know at

Will there be support for stock derivatives?

We’re working on adding support for stock derivatives including options and futures in the future.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do. Many of our users already scored multiple free months of gold by referring others. Stock Alarm has launched this referral program for free-tier users only at this time, you can gain free months of Stock Alarm gold by referring your friends via your custom shareable link in the settings tab on the mobile app. By participating in this program, you are automatically agreeing to our referral program's terms of service.

How can I cancel my premium subscription?

If you subscribed on our iOS app, please open this link on your iOS device.

If you subscribed on our Android app, please open this link on your Android device.

If you subscribed on our web app, you can visit to cancel your subscription from the billing portal (Settings -> Billing).

What happens with an alert after it got triggered?

We will immediately notify you when an alert get triggered. After that the alert will be in an active state. Will the alert go back to an inactive state and then trigger again, we will notify you again.

An example: you have an upper limit set at $100 with the current price $95. The moment the alert will go above $100 we will notify you. If the price drops below $100 and later moves above $100 again, we will notify you again.

We will notify you at most 1 time per 20 minutes to account for noisy alerts.

If two call alerts trigger at the same time, will I be called twice?

Yes! Stock Alarm will notify you for every alert that gets triggered, if two call alerts trigger at the same time, you will receive two back to back phone calls.

StockAlarm emailed me that I blacklisted you. What can I do to undo that?

Due to regulations that we abide by, you have the ability to blacklist us by sending a text 'STOP’ to the number we call and/or text you from.

If you want to revert the blacklisting of our phone number you can text ‘START’ to be able to receive texts and calls again.

Where can I learn more about investing?

Good to see you’re looking for more financial education! Feel free to check out our blog where you can find articles such as ‘Intro to options’, ‘Fundamental analysis for dummies’ and more.

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